Beds Bed Up in bedroom decor

The space problems faced by today’s homes need smart solutions. In this article we present the beds ‘bed up’ to the dormitories decor in which we put so much we ran out of space for the bed.

Once systems are behind folding beds that disappear into a closet, come these new structures of the most original to lend a hand.

These beds have a lift system that will take her to the top of the roof to accommodate it so that it goes completely unnoticed in the eyes of many. Thus, all the lower space will be completely free for other uses during the day (tables, desks, sofas, etc).

As expected, the ‘bed can be set up at different heights, legs to support them in the ground and even a ladder to get where necessary.

The bed is certainly the most voluminous of the bedroom and if we can do without it during the day or hours not used will gain a perfect place to put anything you want. The only downside is that a solution may not be suitable for all budgets.

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