Bedrooms marriage decor concept

The offer is so vast and appealing that often makes it difficult to choose the right furniture, especially if we think this is a definite choice or will last at least several years.

The choice of furniture for a couple room due to a rule of thumb: pieces that fit the existing dimensions. That is very large furniture can stunt a small space, creating a chaotic environment. Yet few furniture pieces too small or a large room will end up lost, creating an austere environment.

The bed, queen of the fourth
Like it or not the bed is the central focus of our room. Of course we all dream of a king size bed, but we run the risk of occupying the room all, no space even to the slippers! The bed should be the first piece of furniture to choose around which they will have the remaining pieces. That is why it is important to take action, make sure there is adequate circulation space around the bed, in every way and is not obstructed the opening of any doors or drawers of the cabinet. A small rooms in their favor low beds with headboards that give the illusion of more space. Although not all beds need: You can use the wall as a headboard or opt for a leather-wrapped model, padding or any other fabric that can be easily altered or closed when you want to redecorate arise.

The mattress

  1. Size: The mattress has to sit perfectly on the bed frame. Today, the extent of the beds and mattresses have been standardized to facilitate that decision. Make sure it is at least 15 cm longer than the occupants. We do not want no one remains with the feet out!
  2. Comfort: the only way to ensure how comfortable a mattress is to try it! If you have no shame to bed in full store, is what everyone does. Assume your normal sleeping position for a better perception and have no fear of giving the necessary turns. If you are not comfortable enough to nap there, move to another model.
  3. Support: The mattress should support your full body, from the tip of the hair to the toes, without disrupting the natural alignment of your spine. In general, lie on your back who usually prefer firm mattresses, but those who sleep face down, or sideways prefer softer mattresses. We recommend purchasing a slightly firmer mattress than you’re used regularly, and that with time and use this becomes a little softer.
  4. Durability: A good mattress will last for at least 10 years. Check that all seams are aligned, the divisions should be firm and must be padded handles to facilitate rotation thereof.

The right arm and left your bed are undoubtedly the nightstands. And new trends dictate that not even because they combine. Equal or not, make sure you choose a model large enough to hold lamp, books, clocks, remote controls, glasses, water glasses, etc., etc.. It helps to have one or two drawers, so that there is everything in sight. In case of small rooms, you can install a shelf on the wall on each side of the bed.

Furnishings have everything in order
Drawers furniture appropriate for fourth marriage are comfortable (low and long) or drawers (high and narrow), depending on the size of the room can choose one or the other or both. You can also choose a trunk at the foot of the bed or under a window. In tiny rooms can put a rack, takes up minimal space and at least you have to hang your clothes.

Cupboards sausages or not
Today houses are rare that do not have one. They are advantageous from the standpoint of space utilization, organization and functionality. Then there are the modern wardrobe, if space permits worth giving you that pleasure. Places to sit the fourth has another life if you have places to sit, two armchairs can be stunning, two puffs fun, small sofa, an elegant chaise longue or a bench under the window. And if the square footage allows, add a small table to get a look in a small room. The important thing is that these “accessories” do not steal rise to essential furniture pieces.

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