Bathroom decor – make lighting in bathroom

Sometimes the bathroom is a room of the house which is not given much attention, despite being one of the most important. The lighting in this sector is really important because we need to access the site during the day and night. Here are some tips for them to properly illuminate your bathroom and decorate them.

  1. The first thing to note is that the areas that need more light are the mirror and the tub or shower. The latter is ideal, because we can see where we are standing correctly and avoid a possible accident.
  2. Generally, the bathrooms have natural light into a very small. For this reason it is mandatory to have artificial light we shine all day. To avoid major expenses are the best energy-saving lamps.
  3. In the case of the mirror is necessary to have dual illumination if we want to reflect properly and without creating distracting shadows. So the best option is to put two lights on the bathroom medicine cabinet so that the face is lit properly.
  4. The in-wall lights are ideal for keeping the bathroom lit areas. If you have health fourth large, it is best to put different keys to activate the lights by sector.
  5. Meanwhile, if the bathroom is small and have only one main light bulbs can add the mirror to be on at the same time. So have a spectacular lighting , without having to rely on natural light.
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