Attic Bathroom Decor

When we hear talk of penthouses, directly associate that space to large homes with gabled roofs, where the top floor was used for storing tools and old things. Today, it is difficult to continue that partnership, as the remodeling of older homes, has led to the attic to be used in a wide variety of functions. On this occasion, we will see some examples of bathrooms and decor.

There is a common trend and quite intelligent, which is to open windows in the roof. Attics often have only small circular windows on the sides and roof, which is where you can take advantage of greater light, does not have any source, rather than artificial lighting.

To others, it is important to emphasize the dark parts darker and lighter ones. Therefore it is advisable to paint the ceiling white, and even the walls while the floor can be coated with tiles or wood.

If the lighting is very good, may choose to use wood and tile, also on the walls, alternating them, as they generate a fantastic appearance.

A common element in the bathroom and can help to reflect light and thus give more light, in addition to enlarge the sense of space is to incorporate several mirrors in different places.

If you have the possibility of placing a bathtub or Jacuzzi , then do not hesitate a moment, take a bath looking at the stars at night, is a unique experience in your bathroom decor.

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