An island of Legos for the kitchen

Something so new and strange has come to our attention today. If there is something that many of us have played in our childhood and that many of our children enjoy today are the toys and bricks of “Lego”. Many of us have spent hours of our childhood playing with our friends to build an infinite number of objects placed piece by piece and even today we are still fans of them. Besides the nostalgia that makes us remember those times. But anyway, ever imagined using Lego pieces to build the kitchen island ?? The truth is that I did not and here you can see the result.

Colorful, lively, fresh but it certainly has been a challenge to do so. The amount of Lego pieces used: 20,000. And the authors: Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti.

An impressive number of pieces to achieve an incredible island like this. Really have to be a fan to put at home, but the fact is that when combined with the rest of the decor of the kitchen, we see that it achieves a great atmosphere and where he really wanted to spend time.

The colors are striking, but more than one child (and a great too) more than once will cause remove pieces to play, is not it??

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