An island in the kitchen design and decoration

Nothing is more beautiful and gives a greater sense of luxury that an island in the kitchen. Are those really cute practical and furniture are in the middle of the kitchen to provide a new complementary workspace also very decorative result.

However, it is clear that not all can afford this luxury kitchens, then we present a few tips for those of you thinking take risks and fail in the attempt.

Although designs on the market very adaptable and infinite forms, it is imperative that count with a large kitchen to the cabinet is not a hindrance. According to experts, the optimal distance between the service unit and the rest of the kitchen furniture is 1.5 meters, enough for two people to pass through this space at the same time. We can find more sober designs, straight to curved and oval shapes most original.

If you decide to put one must take into account every detail, and that is something you go to cash, either as a space to gather the family for breakfast or as a work space and storage.

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