A kitchen renovation and decoration advice

Sometimes small changes as we change the kitchen shelf becomes the focus of the house, sometimes it is necessary to make more radical changes. When remodeling or redecorating, it should be noted that both in the kitchen and the bathroom, the cost is rather an investment. If you would like to sell the property then it is almost certain that if changes were made with good reason, investment will recover almost 100%. Necessary and fundamental would spend money on check the pipes and electrical insatalaciones (but are not), before starting any cosmetic work. That will save you many headaches later.

In this kitchen have been renovated a few things and has taken advantage of existing ones, such as restoring the wonderful maple wood floor that was covered with linoleum. To minimize costs, also kept all appliances, including dishwasher 10 years old it was repainted in the same neutral tone than the rest of the cabinets.

As the kitchen looked very tight and the floor of the house permitted, he fell down a wall to expand so I integrate it into the dining room entrance. The window was very small also was expanded to allow more light and a good view of the courtyard. These important changes, added little details that help make the kitchen look colorful and functional as accessory for kitchen towels, terracotta bowls with matching new countertop in a light green color. To complete the set and following the idea of spending some more objects have been incorporated as the chandelier vintage art deco turquoise oven.

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