A house, a style: Colonial decor idea

The colonial decor style arises from the fusion of two cultures: East and West. The classic style is mixed with rich European original parts of Asia and Central America to become the center of attention.

The keys are in the use of dark woods and thick upholstery combined with natural fabrics (linen, cotton), and the application of trim along ceilings, windows or doors.

The colors should be almost always in the range of white and beige, we can make an exception by adding a mauve or blue long as they are soft and almost neutral shades.

The flooring and walls should follow the lines of this style, with wood and natural stone preferred. You can also choose to use wallpaper, neutral tones and soft, classical motifs.

The furniture is chosen in rustic and peaceful lines, waxed to give the false appearance of old age that characterizes this style, and not to mention details like metal handles and hinges for cabinets and dressers. Accessories such as lamps, rugs, mirrors, vases, must be selected carefully to achieve this charming Asian late nineteenth century.

The final set will be a warm and cozy, with the oriental flavor can transport us to other times and places.

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