8 ideas and tips for decorating a small room

The living room is undoubtedly the center of every home, and which is the main meeting place and home entertainment.

small room decoration

However, we are not all blessed with a large living room in which to accommodate everything we like, and we need ingenuity to be able to give our personal touch.

small room design idea

The colors are a key for decorating small spaces, so you empower the light and bright colors help to visually expand your home. However, you can combine a wall in a dark tone with the rest in light colors.

small living room decoration

small room decor concept

In this regard must also bear in mind that the furniture should not clutter the room, since all you get is to subtract light. Find one or two very complete furniture. A good chest of drawers and shelves will be perfect if not put any other of its kind in space, to be completed with a small table with chairs and a sofa.

small living room sofa design

small room sofa design idea

Speaking of furniture, straight lines and simple will be essential as the best materials to visually enhance the space will be the metal.

cozy small room design

style small room design

But never forget that in addition to style, the decoration should always give our personal touch, feel identified with it, and enjoy your stay.

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