3 tips to maximize space in home decor

In all the houses of all who know the problems is the same, out of space. Whether you live in a huge house with square meters everywhere or in a small apartment for two people, we all tend to accumulate things and always want more. That is why here we will show you a few tips for you gain space in your home.

Regardless of the decorative style you choose it is always good to watch how much furniture and objects that we place in each space. But undoubtedly, the minimalist style is one of the greatest allies in tight spaces to decorate.

Less is more : you must take into account the number and size of furniture, and more space is occupied by these less meters available for step (This could reduce convenience to your stay). If space is small, less commitment and smaller furniture.

Wall units and functional : it is said that can reduce the space visually and make it somewhat claustrophobic, but Choice (color, style, shape, amplitude, etc.) and used in moderation can also be a great solution. The same functionality is also very important.

Trunks or similar : it is an original idea, charming and convenient for any of your rooms, bedrooms or workspaces, as well as fulfilling its traditional role as storage cabinet can also be used as a central table or side table in the bedroom or office.

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