3 colors, 3 styles in bedroom

We propose three bedrooms with totally different styles of decor. Dare to play with the color of the walls, furniture and bedding, sure to find here your preferred style.


  • Pure white. Current and light:  White on White and color. Unified any concessions to the color of the wall, ceiling, furniture and bedding, to highlight the light and the latest trends. Last option for shades of gray or white with white silk. This option conveys peace, harmony and radiance.
  • Rustic. Taste of the field : The strength of the warm red clothes stay and take us to the memory of the beautiful summers or plowed fields of red earth. A touch with nature is emphasized, with the rough trunk chosen table, varnished, and brightness contrast with the depth of the matte red wall headboard.
  • Classic : The comfortable, marks the starting point in this room, in the predominantly olive green color with a historical dyes, suitable for stripping out its soft beige. Widely used in Victorian times, combined with creamy white.
    The room becomes a calm and formal style that is reinforced by the vivid green.
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