100% compact Tables ideas

The decoration and furnishing solutions in today’s minipisos point is almost exclusive to some kind of transformable furniture, convertible, collapsible or multifunctional. Within that world, and compact folding tables are a very interesting alternative.

In the picture we see an ingenious proposal of this kind, which the company belongs to Grand Central , Sanna Lindström and Sigrid Strömgren. When closed, this table takes on the dimensions of a chair, but a creative opening system makes it an available table for several people.

It is a perfect choice in a minipiso inhabited by one or two people, because in that case with a single table will suffice for daily needs. However, when visitors come the problems begin, requiring a larger table. This furniture provides an ideal solution because it is used daily in the table folded to one or two people, and when someone visits the furniture becomes a table with greater capacity.

Besides occupying a minimum space, this table is noted particularly for its delivery system, although at first glance seems fragile has a robust structure with a large number of hinges that allow the change in appearance of the table. This is also a panel discussion, allowing the entry of a greater number of guests.

Perhaps the only downside of this table is the great proximity of the legs of it to edge, which makes a number of difficulties in placing the chairs and to enter a greater number of people.

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