Your bedroom, your world

The bedroom is the most magical place of dreams and homy. Cuna haven of rest and privacy, Your world, your particular world in which your command, you create, you have mastered. Here are some of the latest trends in bedrooms, even for those who are creating, or those who want change.

  • Retro: trends seemed forgotten has comeback. Are booming in shades canopies raw or champagne. Choose two years 20Lace tables and white over a spherical lamp placed in mauve or lavender. You will give a contemporary feel and your note of color.
  • Dividing stays: If your bedroom has a bathroom and separate study and want integrated, it is best to opt for half-height walls (polychrome glass, for example, are light and will help preserve the light). If you maintain a line of decoration, in three rooms, you can play with a common ground. Choose it yes, resistant to moisture and intense.
  • Relax: The bedroom, along with the bathroom, the room that is increasingly more power to unwind and recharge your batteries. Grab a chaise longue, smaller than a sofa and a versatile and ergonomic chair. As for textiles, choose tonosclaros like beige or crude oil and natural fabrics like cotton or linen. Paint the room in earth tones or orange, which is already warm and highlights the natural beauty of wood.
  • With chimney: The chimney is one concept of those things that, by their mere presence, warmth and a cozy feel to any room. in the bedroom, gives extra comfort. This will be seamless if you paint your mouth the same color as the rest of the walls. Choose padded textures that increase the warmth, but choose them plain or with small prints, to avoid overloading the environment.
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