Wooden bed | modern rustic style decor

What we are seeing on the  image below is a true double bed made ? based on solid wood. If what you heard, that large chunk of wood that seems to be floating is a single piece of wood, with a modern style decor for bed, supported by two smaller boards underneath, supporting officiating, giving the illusion that the bed is in the air.

In addition, the design comes with two pieces that conform to the role of light table and headboard. Both also are distinguished by the fact that, unlike the bed is a modern course, have a rustic subtlety rarely seen in a room.

Having that big wooden plank on which you can see everything and l what was inside the tree is really a shocking sensation in decoration idea.

Finally the light table breaks down the trends typical of this type of furniture, adding curves to the whole, accompanied by small details, as in this case, glass jars, provides the necessary distinction to counteract the color brown wood.

As an alternative for those who have interested in the design, I recommend using treated wood, but less processed, not on cutting boards but directly obtained in the first instance, including bark and small branches outgoing cut a few inches.

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