Wood Decor: Types of wood | Tropical Species

In times of our grandparents, and even our parents, the names of woods such as teak, merbau or tali (to give a few examples) were unknown. This means that tropical timber is a very recent addition to the Spanish market and even European and decoration have brought a revolution in its appeal, its strength and wealth. There are several types of wood for sale in tropical country.

We must say that whenever you buy a product made ??with this type of wood is required, ensure that they come from controlled operations to know that we are not contributing to plunder the environment. But if so, pallets, timber and furniture made ??with these woods are so attractive and durable.

The best known of these woods is the teak before use in interior decoration, it was common use in the shipbuilding industry, where its resistance to weathering is commonly used for the floors of the decks of ships. Currently found mostly in decks and outdoor furniture , to keep it in good condition, simply apply twice a year a hand of teak oil.

The tali is a common species for exterior joinery: doors and windows. An intense red color very similar to mahogany, provides a very decorative and is extremely resistant to rain and temperature changes. It is also a relatively inexpensive wood.

Merbau and Balau wood are common in wood floors interior colors are also pulling the pitch dark mahogany. The grain of tropical species is not very visible, normal being more subtle gradation of tones and the small pores marked.

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