What color to paint the ceiling?

Paint color for the wall can be a real challenge, should look good next to the color of the furniture and harmonize with the overall look of the room. What is not often think more carefully is like painting the ceiling. According to the treatment we give to the ceiling can make the room look more cozy and warm. Sometimes a color well used is a good trick to increase the spaciousness of a space away, or otherwise, bringing it in case the height is disproportionate to the size of the room.

On the roof of the long kitchen, which always makes things fun, we have used the purple or eggplant. It works very well because a lot of light enters the large window. He has also added purple and gray tones as small accents throughout the room.

This room, has used a lime green for the roof. Immediately brings attention to the rafters and gives personality to a room would look a bit drab with a conventional roof.

Here on the contrary walls and ceiling the same color are separated only by a white trim, delicate and classic. The furnishings are also clear which is very appropriate given the small size of the kitchen.

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