Western decor

Who does not like Western movies? Perhaps you have noticed that whenever the home or clubs in the towns of movies, have a special decoration, typical of the far west. Well that’s our idea, giving home decor, with flashes of famous American films.

The first thing to get is No horseshoes, old, Where?, Would have to visit a farm and find out yourself, because everywhere is different, even in some cities, the antique shops are for sale. N addition to the shoes, many also like c olgar spurs.

The wood and leather take their role in all this. The first can be used for two great things for the fireplace you can get a good piece to put over, as if the top frame. Then the other option is to get a piece with no apparent way, but in a good width (15 to 20 cm) and with the help of a carpenter and an electrician make the connection, make Western style rustic lamps, light bulbs usually two roller of wood. It is crowned with two screens of leather (auction) to reinforce the trend.

But there’s also another great band of Western films: the Indians. Of them can get arrows, feathers, even some craft wood.

Perhaps another addition to the decor, both modern, but very interesting, is to put paint to simulate events of the time or black and white photos of memorable films like “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and hang with a dark wooden frame like a gallery in a string of 5 or 6 photos in the hallway or in your own living room.

Basically, the intensity of the set depends on its roots for the idea, and the decor is unlimited and there are people hanging all kinds of tools countryside of the time, pictures of horses, horned cow, synthetic carpets that mimic skins of cows or sheep, or even upholstered furniture with these “fake fur”.

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