Water Gardens Idea

An interesting possibility to decorate the garden and outdoor spaces in the home is water gardening. In this technique, it is vital to know the properties of water and flowers and plants that can grow in it. At the same time, we must learn about the importance of drainage concept.

Mastering the possibilities of water gardening can get a personal design and exotic in our garden. It is known that water is the source of life, but in this case it is the medium in which plants grow and live. Therefore, not all species can be part of a proposal like the above.

In principle, adjust the size of the pond or fountain where the aquatic ecosystem will develop the properties and dimensions of the garden, in order to get a harmony that allows the coexistence of different aesthetic elements without major problems.

Ponds can be made? of different materials such as concrete, brick or butyl film coated. The important thing is to consult with a professional in relation to the terrain, as otherwise the water pressure may become excessive.

The decor also allows many variants, such as natural elements like trees or rocks. When using artificial elements, often look for the lines of symmetry and order, while the 100% natural gardens are privileged spontaneity.

In terms of plant species suitable for the aquatic environment, some possibilities are: Nelumbo Sp, with pink flowers and wide need light, Calla palustris, especially to resist changes in temperature, Nympahea odorata, the Iris pseudacorus Acorus Calamus or, in all cases bear the direct sunlight.

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