Walls built with wooden pegs

It is common that some of the walls of the home is lined with wood, as the aesthetic benefits are obvious. However, it is not so easy to imagine that they put wooden slats on the walls include hangers, in which we can locate different items of daily use.

This is what happens with the proposals of the firm Yours Design, which integrates mobile wood sheeting for covering walls, which can be rotated at an angle to thereby act as hangers. Logically, this is an alternative to it takes some space in the environment, because the panel is separated from the wall to work as a hanger, and thus remains a few inches into the room.

The design concept is really fun, because it has color accents on the panels of wood . The panels show moving colored circles that when pressed allow its opening to serve as hangers. When the panels are not opened, the wall has a funny picture with sheets of wood, colored with tiny touches of color.

The wood used is light in color, allowing the group to acquire a youthful and unstructured. Hangers support enables great freedom, because objects can be distributed at different heights, positioned symmetrically or asymmetrically, to occupy an entire wall or only a part,  the alternatives are directly inexhaustible. These possibilities can be specified as conventional hangers, so it can be said to be of a more versatile and practical.

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