Walls and wood decor

The walls can be decorated and coated with various materials. Throughout the history of interior design, one of the materials that have been most used for this purpose has been wood. However, it is not just placing and resolve aesthetic issues. It is important to note that any coating or decoration made with wood requires different measures of treatment over time.

A clear example is the friezes. When wood is used in these cases is key considering the kind of wood used and the response of the coated product. Something similar happens in the soil, baseboards or other decorative items made ? from this material.

Keep in mind that in either case treatments and finishes can be very different, and that the choice of product with which the wood is treated will determine the outcome. Consequently, the behavior of the product to be applied and the ease of maintenance and renewal are key points to consider.

Each type or species of wood has special characteristics. They have a different presentation, the porosity varies, the humidity level is different and also contract in a particular way. We’re talking about really important factors as they will determine if the products are applied or not effective.

On the one hand, species of lower porosity are preferable to absorb a smaller amount of product applied. However, you can not ignore issues such as color and grain of the wood, which must also be taken into account. Furthermore, natural changes in wood and its dimensions also affect the varnish and other treatments to be applied.

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