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Walls of water is a way to stay in touch with nature. Receivers are ideal for companies, clinics, beauty salons, SPA , and also at home if you want to create a unique decor. They allow you to enjoy a different decor with the effect of water seems suspended in the air.

The frames are light also possess excellent qualities do not detract translucent to light. Many walls of water allow the projection of images to shops, businesses and bars. There are many versatile shapes and sizes.

  1. The walls are sources of water in a closed circuit operating independently. The water circulates constantly and hides in a submersible pump. This pump has a receiving tank that takes you back to the pipe that dumps it back into the wall of water. The rest is done by the force of gravity.
  2. The deposit receipt of the water acts as the base of the fountain. The wall of water is adjusted to raise the water. Once the internal installation of the indoor waterfall can add stones or shells for decoration. The walls of water are also made ??with colored lights and recycled materials.
  3. The installation of a wall gives water takes a long time, but preferably do professionals. If it is small you can put together yourself the following instructions. The walls of water are ideal for separating spaces or environments. In a loft in a room or at the entrance of a hotel.

The different designs of water wall designs can create stunning effects. Panels of water with bubbles, to travel between two wider panels facilitate the formation of bubbles in the wall of water. Lights also incorporate LED colors to further enhance the decorative effect.

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