Vinyl Flooring: installation and maintenance

Doing a bit of history we must remember that flexible pavements were fashionable in the seventies and eighties decor, used to be called “sintasol.” They were part of our childhood as the were in the majority of the homes of our family and friends. And they were quite popular for being easy to install and really very cheap.

On the contrary, fell into disfavor models that mimic ceramic tiles or parquet . Over time, we saw only in certain stores. Without having to get into work, it was usual to be used to clean up soils housing step, as in the case of rent. Luckily things have changed, as in design these were undesirable eye experts.

With sound quality important, today we have the opportunity to find some beautiful designs in continuous and flexible floor, perfectly mimicking wood, stone and ceramic tiles, and also (believe it or not) water and grass … Within quarters of the little ones there are some children with fun motifs. The materials used can be PVC (most used) or linoleum, which creates natural and organic soils.

As for the installation of a flexible soil, the first thing you should do is calculate the area to prepare to cut the material to size. To carry out this task and make it slightly easier, it will require cutting a power tool or a sharp cutter properly and strong. One tip is that the surface must be flawless large, level and clean.

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