Vinyl: characteristics and use for home decor

For the design of your home you can opt for the vinyl, this is a self-adhesive film that can manipulate the design as we are most interested in, to stick to smooth surfaces of our house.

The film consists of 3 layers: the base paper (silicone paper which supports the vinyl), vinyl (the design that sticks to the surface) and transfer (translucent paper that has the vinyl to be attached to the selected location ).

The vinyl decorations are a fresh decorating idea, really simple and economical, which have changed the conditions for space aesthetically, with just a mere detail.

His character facilitates placement sticker, and only when it comes to vinyl large or very ornate detail are encouraged to incorporate a professional to our environments. In all other cases, we do it ourselves without much effort …

This material is interesting because it offers great strength and durability, but their conditions are maximized will be taken not to place it on wet walls, rough or keep them near heat sources.

Following these simple guidelines for maintenance, the vinyl with us in our environment for many years, giving us the interesting motifs, can afford to fully customize the aesthetics of our home.

Given the above, you can create endless designs and attractive to develop unique environments within your home. For example, there are a variety of children’s murals prepared from vinyl, creating a magical place for children.

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