Vintage Style decor

When you want to make a Vintage decor, it must be remembered that it is a trend of retro style, combining antiques with over 10 years and revisit it with modern elements.

The preferred elements are the 50, 60, and 70. Vintage style is to restore the old, with modern elements, and raised the contrast remains. Always the most ones are best for them somewhere in the decoration and so customize it.

The contrasts can be an antique table and chairs surrounded by modern, another combination of style can be a vintage chandelier and bright colors and strong under an old chair, which it can be upholstered with colorful fabrics very modern and colorful. To recover the furniture old with new technologies, you get very personalized items. Always try not to overload the rooms furniture, everything must be balanced.

The fabrics or papers vinyls with many flowers are very important in this decoration, as well as bedding and upholstery. This style is personal, has no roof, to an old bird cage can belong to the decor. The walls and floor can be painted white, to give more light and the feeling of being larger room. You can retrieve the lamps hanging, those sumptuous with many lamps and chandeliers with many fringes, which give elegance and sound filled the room when they draft. Just as white is very important in the decoration, especially in the bedroom, Vintage style, not afraid of color and their combinations.

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