Vertical gardens decoration, held by magnets

The vertical garden is an element that we have been trying for a long time, as a solution to avoid running out of green space, but in turn not cover much space, which is important when we live in small houses or home. The difference is that this is supported based on magnets, that’s good for your decoration idea.

URBIO nicknamed, is a system that involves a plastic modular panels, equipped with high-strength magnets, which have four spaces of “grab” with plastic pots, which also have the other pole of the magnet attractive.

In this way one can buy the panels you want to join them generating forms and then buy the pots you want and put them at ease so as to create the vertical garden . At the same time each day can go by rotating the locations of the different pots and it is as simple as removing it and bring it to its new location, so it is caught.

This decor concept is just beginning to test, among people who live in apartments or confined spaces, to see that acceptance has, and it is a good solution to have an easy and convenient garden.

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