Tuscan style kitchens

Tuscany is a region of Italy that is characterized by the rustic atmosphere of their kitchen. Tuscan decor style kitchens are colored in different shades, all related to the land. This, together with natural materials is a kitchen us a century old, this can be accomplished without buying expensive antiques.

The colors you select to be distinguished from those of the environment. Think shades of orange, yellow, red and green.

Use natural materials wherever possible. Stone, granite, marble or terracotta floor would be perfect. Tiles and mosaics of colors also combine well on the ground and in the tables. The side walls have an irregular surface, this can be done easily with a layer of plaster, textured paint, or adding a little sand from construction to painting.

Of course that the furniture you choose should be rustic and old-fashioned air. Thick wooden furniture, worn finishes are also recommended.

If  before painting apply a little wax in places where more noticeable wear and tear, such as corners and edges, the paint will not adhere to these areas. Once dry sandpaper we can go on where we want to note the effect more outdated, and become another century furniture.

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