Trick to get old furniture

Today we bring an old trick to realistically furniture and trying to imitate the look of bites caused by the larvae of wood … There are many people who struggle against them as recommended course are nothing and nobody wants to use a chest of little buggers inside it? It is also true that the look that provoke such attacks and bites can become very attractive in some way because it gives the furniture a very old and rough appearance so sought after today in the decor modern.

We all know now how old furniture using skids, wax, dyes or by using the sand where we have to use it. But just do not get the wanted look of the “bite”. It’s easier than you thought …

As read … using something as strong as the lead photo achieve this effect in the cabinet. So once this painted furniture, go with care, we will take very strong and will strike the cabinet a few times until the desired effect. Ready! Very simple and the result is great.

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