Tips to give light to dimly lit spaces

Having a meter stay less than usual, or where the natural light sources are inadequate or even nonexistent can make us feel overwhelmed and get the less time we spend in that room, the better.

However, following a few little tricks we can do that there is something more enjoyable and make the most possible. Notes!

The idea is to make light while it brings color to the space, you should go for light colors such as white, natural or pastel in each and every one of the elements that occupy large surfaces (walls, floors, furniture, etc.. ), as the feeling of light and clarity helps to increase the room visually.

As for lighting, you should try to promote an artificial light rather white to provide that clarity with no dim bulbs. Nor overdo placing fluorescent, because the idea is to give the room a more natural look.

And finally, the touch of color to get accessories and textiles . We recommend you choose one to three colors (of the same or different range) to suit the space and use bright prints.

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