Tips for decorating a loft

A loft is a dream for any student or person who does not share their daily lives as a couple or a family fleet. It is a piece of architecture that has become a symbol of youth, representing a carefree lifestyle without major concerns. Today is almost booked, the cost to people with high income. Here some decorative tips:

  • A loft is characterized by natural lighting wide. The large windows are spectacular, and stand out in the big cities for allowing a privileged view of everything that happens on the streets.
  • In addition, this property is highlighted by the wildness of some sectors. It is very common to find areas where the walls are not brick siding and has only a couple of coats of varnish.
  • Divisions are imaginary in a loft. The walls are absent beyond the just and necessary. These apartments are characterized by function as a whole and not as a group of rooms divided by partitions.
  • If we talk about aspects hundred percent decoration , the materials are recommended for a loft wood, iron and concrete. For example, currently manufactured floor lamps made of iron and are designed specifically for lofts.
  • The rustic wooden furniture are also ideal for these architectural pieces, like small aesthetic details made ? with bricks and cement.
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