Tips for decor: painting roofs

The roofs of the houses generally tend to be painted white, and not just for aesthetics, goes much further. A white painted ceiling height gives housing, more light and gives the illusion of lengthening.

Obviously we can paint the ceilings as you want, but if you want to paint one of a color we have to see its consequences.

When painting a ceiling a darker color than the walls, give the feeling that is lower and wider look stay.

Similarly, depending on what color to paint the ceiling one or other sensation. If a ceiling painted blue, purple, gray, the feeling is cold, metal, anything warm. In contrast, if we paint it yellow orange or red, which will feel warmth, life and energy.

Although usually not very common to have a painted ceiling, can sometimes help us create a necessary environment. For example if your salon has very high ceilings and is a long room, paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls, the ceiling will appear lower and wider room. In this case our interests to paint the ceiling.

But if we have a small, square room, paint the ceiling give a feeling that has shrunk and that’s not the feeling we want to stay small.

You see a ceiling painted one color can give various combinations, not always have to be white, colored painting a ceiling can complete our decor perfectly and perhaps lacked the touch that you so seek.

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