The ultimate decoration photo murals

The photo murals are the latest in decorating walls, they can create the feeling that you’re in a beach, forest, desert, at a party, a cosmopolitan city, or anywhere you want, because if can not find one you like, you can get a custom image you want.

I’ll explain how to put the photomural, is very simple.

There may be various kinds of photo murals

Paper, synthetic, or those who do not need glue.


The photo murals will cut into several parts, like a puzzle, each part comes with the number of placement, no further complications.

The wall must be smooth and without blemishes, dust and dirt.

The photo mural gets to tail, the tail will surely come with the photo mural, if it is not, go to a paint store and bought glue for photo murals, worth € 2 or 3, the glue is mixed with water being a mixture rather liquid.

Now take the first piece and glued paper without overloading the queue, as much can get wet if it breaks. Paste the piece into place, and very gently squeeze the center to the sides to stick, again very gently because it is paper and glue when wet can be changed. If it were any bubbles or creases, pull down gently.

We will do so with all the pieces until we have the picture completed mural.

The only photo mural is dry but it is desirable that the drying is slow and nothing fast, so avoid drafts or direct heat sources.

As we put more attention is that it is very fragile paper, we have to be careful since I unpack until you post.

Synthetic photo mural.

It gets exactly the same, the only difference is that it is much tougher and that this material should not throw queue, the queue is cast on the wall and one on the wall. Otherwise how to put it is the same.

Photo murals NOT need glue.

These are the easiest to make, as they come like normal stickers, simply take off the top place it on your site and paste it just for the top and a small piece and glued in place once we take off the piece and pasting to the wall gradually.

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