The hall decor: the entrance of your home

The first place your guests see upon entering your home is the foyer. It is said that first impressions are very important and for this reason should be decorated in a functional and creative, as it hosts the guests clothes, shoes or hats, among other items.

Here are some tips for you to try to implement an interesting decoration in your receiver , given that most households do not currently have enough space and therefore we must be especially creative.

To win all, and if we have any boxes or decorations in the hall, wall shelves are a good option. Below the shelf, we can put racks, also bolted to the wall, which will be used to hang various garments. Under this alternative, not block the entrance to the hall.

Another idea that is used most often are the desks, dressers, small furniture or low to suit the needs of those living at home. To concentrate the boxes, magazines and other items, it is important that the desk contains ample drawer.

In addition, we incorporate a large mirror, which may be rustic elements like wood and wicker, or elements that make it formal, like marble. Everything depends on the style you want to give your receiver.

Finally, another possibility is to place a spacious seat, the dimension will be used by several people to sit at the same time. The shoes will fit under the seat and you’ll have the hall tidy and organized.

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