The frosted glass decor

The crystals have a frosted effect really interesting aesthetic to apply different decorative at home. The technique involves polishing the surface of the crystals with abrasive powder, to make the glass opaque coloration take.

Grinding is used as an interesting decorative detail on glass doors and windows, which take on a dull, and also causes it impossible to distinguish the elements through the windows. This technique can be performed at home by hand and with some patience and will and items such as emery powder, water and sheets of tin.

Emery is a kind of rock to be mixed with other minerals used to create abrasive. High hardness is achieved, capable of scratching any body type, with the exception of diamond. Thus it is used in the carving of precious stones, to give shine to metals, sharpening tools and to tarnish crystals of all kinds.

The grinding process begins by setting the glass on a surface, it is ideal for tables of wood or marble countertops. It provided the glass, it is necessary sprinkle entire surface with the grinder. Water is then applied to achieve the formation of a liquid paste.

Then you must rub the glass with tin foil, putting it on the palm of the hand. Should be made strong, circular movements, repeating the process until rinse the surface. Once this work is required to wash the glass with soap and rinse again with water. The task should be performed only on one side of the glass to make obscure the glass .

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