The decorative concept potential of wood

Each of the materials used in home decoration has its particular characteristics. In this case we will analyze the wood, its warmth and beauty is much needed furniture, accessories and different areas of the home. It can also be an ideal choice for walls or floors.

However, it is important that concrete finishing and care is taken to the decorative effect is really durable as it is a particularly fragile material and can suffer greatly the ravages of time.

wood decoration

For example, wood can be varnished to achieve a brighter image, but however that the appropriate treatment should be sanded so the surface is flat and free of impurities. You can also obtain various special effects, such as the illusion of aging, treating the wood texture.

When working with wood should be taken into account some important issues. At the dye, for example, is essential to make a small trial in a limited area before starting the rest of the surface, as if the color is not right we will be causing a negative effect we wanted to solve with dyeing.

When the wood is painted and we want to give a new look, the only solution is to paint with oils again. First sanded with medium grit paper to give the best chance of new paint adhesion, rinsed and blurs the old paint with water or solvent and eliminate surface irregularities. Following these steps, you can apply the new coat of paint.

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