The decoration of a porch

Those outdoor spaces that are attached to the house should be considered as an extension of a decorative design of home interiors. Porch is the case, which is usually placed near the entrance or serve to join two areas.

To start planning the decoration of the porch, it is necessary first to obtain photos of the area to be decorated, both indoors and from the external sector. Get magazine clippings with similar solutions also can help us see the location of the furniture or the selection of colors used.

The paint samples, fabrics or carpets can also be interesting to try different alternatives to find that we want to give personal air space. Those are a must on a porch are plants, in pots of great magnitude and smaller species or flowers.

The idea should be to maximize every opportunity offered by the porch, and it is therefore essential to good management of enlightenment. Therefore, it is very important to decide between the placement of fabric curtains or blinds, for example. The next step is to make a floor plan and start planning.

Keep in mind that sun exposure has the space during the day, and this should influence the way in which distributed the furniture. The furniture is necessary to foster dialogue and do not interrupt. This is one of the usual drawbacks that is recorded in the decoration of the porch.

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