The decor of the studying room

There is a place in the house to which we devote our precious time, whether to devote to work, for our favorite reading or listening to music: that is study. The important thing is that we have a place to perform those tasks that interest us and take some free time, devoting that time to ourselves.

It is essential to plan decor what type of lighting is going to have this place. It can be artificial light from lamps with white light projected a good flow or yellow lamps. But the best is natural light, because it always gives more strength and energy, and it does not generate costs. That’s right: we think that the studio has large windows.

Now for the style in which we decorate the study. The classic style is chosen for those who like simplicity, and the concept of set decoration especially seriously. This is usually warm. Furniture for this style could be a wooden table rather broad, with their black leather couches and carpets should have traditional designs and dark colors.

The minimalist furniture into his proposal tabular in glasses and in various metals such as chromium, but there is a visible obstacle: This style takes a bit of warmth, but equally many choose this option.

For those who attract all that is not lavish, modern style would be appropriate. The furniture in this opportunity could be a shelf attached to the wall, a pine table and chairs work in exchange for the classic executive chair.

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