The decor of the nursery room

As the pregnancy progresses, and the baby is closer to flood our lives with love, joy and tenderness, we must think how to solve the decor of your room. And we’re not talking about a purely aesthetic, as the bedroom where the child spends the first few months is very important to stimulate and enrich it.

One of the key elements to decorate baby’s room is the tone selected in the walls. It is essential that a harmonious environment and to transmit calmness therefore not advisable to use aggressive colors. Thus, colors like red or pink will be too loud for such spaces.

The light colors or with a touch of sweetness are the ideals, such as off-white or pale blue and yellow. These colors will facilitate and foster baby sleep a few days of life marked by peace, harmony and tranquility, which would also be beneficial for parents.

For furniture in the room of the small, one of the best choices are raw wood furniture decorated with children, such as ducks or birds that convey an atmosphere of great gentleness and tranquility. These drawings are the delight of the babies from the first moment they appear.

An important detail is the roof, a place where the little baby’s eyes will rest often during their first months. They are a “classic” very effective, mobile decorations with animals or child-like motifs that keep babies entertained, together in their sleep and stimulate in different ways.

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