The concept of Divide the room

One of the ideas in the distribution of environments that may be more useful in small apartments or houses of small size, so common today, is the separation of living in two separate areas: living and dining room, living room and bedroom, lounge and workspace or home office decor.

In either case, we are gaining vital square meters and offering privacy in a new environment, which is absent in the tiniest properties, such as studio apartments. And this becomes more important when we consider that the salon is one of the rooms in the house where you do most of the day.

Options to realize the division are many, from the little subtle incorporation of a wall through the use of folding screens or doors to the incorporation of fabrics in different styles. This separation can be accompanied with a change in the painting, so that each of the spaces created to get your own personality.

The furniture is another key point when dividing spaces decor. In these cases it is advisable not to use large-sized furniture and heavy, and that there is much room for proposal or visually recharge area. The ideal is to use multifunctional furniture and modular, allowing us to play with the combinations and served for several activities at once.

Are not bad either shelves or libraries, which also might work as separation and at the same time, storing a large number of objects, freeing up space for another environment. Finally, one must refer to painting as a reminder that in this type of alternatives we should target those tones that provide a greater sense of space, such as white.

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