Textures, colors and details

When we think of decorating our home, we are always looking for new ideas, styles and details that achieve conquer. But sometimes the search can become a difficult task that we enfretarnos and the results are not always expected.

The good thing is that we learn to notice, that often is not required to change all the furniture and throw what we have in house to buy something new and renewal. That is a big waste of money that is not always all have or are willing to do. The truth is that we learn that there are allies who can help us transform the decor of our home and that they do not need to throw everything and buy everything new.

These partners are the fabrics, textures, colors and smaller decorative accessories. It is more economical to change the cushions and the lamp to change the whole couch, carpet and everything else.

These ideas may enjoy the effect they have on the decoration combine different textures and designs of fabrics, types of linden, colors, and the life that’ll give you the type of lighting. Natural light is always a great ally and we must take it into account.

Each of these ideas is unique and full of life. For lovers of the colors I’m sure you’ll find one or more proposals that fall in love and those who do not dare even to use the colors at home will be encouraged to do so soon.

In my own case, these ideas have been an inspiration and if there is a change we encourage you to do with my partner in our own room, was to gain a single seat cherry red cushions along with some of the same color to match our taupe sofa. The color gave full life to this room and from that day left to enjoy it. The investment was not large compared to what comes out a new large sofa and the results were worth it. I hope you will pass the same.

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