Texture in the decoration

If you’ve ever placed in a room a pair of mirrors, a mat or pad printing, or just a piece of fabric large and nice, you know very well what can be done in a space decor of those characteristics. The texture is something that makes us investigate the eyes, which makes the room look much, much bigger.

The incorporation of texture does not necessarily mix and match patterns (although it could) as well as means to mix the materials they are made. If you have a concrete floor, you can put a light colored rustic rug. Meanwhile, if you can not paint the walls, a library or a pendant become the ultimate solution.

In the bedroom you can “play” with the textures of linen, which ultimately will create a rich experience for the senses, as well as add dimension to the room interior.

If in doubt, try putting a mirror in the darkest area of ??the house, always taking care to see what is reflected (not very wise to reflect a toilet). You can also add different layers of blankets on the bed, a soft carpet to the feet, etc.

The curtains are a great way to smooth away the wall color, and are also advisable in case you have a small window, because it deceives the eye and makes it look bigger. For this you can follow the technique of many designers who use plants in their creations. They fill the space and add a variety of textures to the environment decor idea.

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