Tendency for the walls decor

Just a couple of years was more tacky than the thought of putting paper on the walls . We all remember the typical Aunt or Grandma to which we as kids and it was plastered with the most varied reasons, from simple flowers, geometric patterns through until a little less than rococo style and overloaded which could be found to papers before the scarlet and black tones. Of course, q ue the paper to the walls is a tendency not mean that this has anything to do with what we knew. The contrary promises to become a glamorous way to supplement the minimalist style or form part of a modernism studied.

Paper for walls modern and daring:

On the way to the modernization of the wallpaper can find shapes in the same way in the past. While it avoids the typical colors like green or brown due to give an impression of marginality of space, we can dare perpendicular stripes of different shades from light to dark, especially for the hall. We can also give you our devotion to the sixties buying vinyl as overlapping circles that will place in strategic areas of the walls (ie, in the extreme top or bottom but never in the middle of the room).

For the kitchen everything is different because in this area of ??the house are often essential and wall tiles easy to clean as in the case of putting paper on the walls there is a risk that this staining or degrade. However, it is worth the use of paper in certain areas far from the burners such as the other walls, or the use of templates.

Such decorations are a lot of play but, for those who seek to step beyond the next proposal will love it. This is a revised Kitsch kitchen for the occasion. A paper on the wall that evokes the past with table and chairs typical of the sixties. Not wasted.

Neo-Baroque: trends in wall paper:

In the case of new-Baroque Neo-Baroque will call it – the wallpaper is a clear trend in imposing the tribal figures and floral elements with contrasts between black and white. This type of wallpaper will be ideal in a house whose style can be appreciated plateresque in the furniture and walls. Also requires large spaces such as room decorations dwarf.

Paper the walls for children’s rooms:

This resource has never discontinued. The imagination runs from the first months of life babies react to any stimulus in the form of color or shape human and animal. Therefore, the proposal we have prepared for children is focused on the little ones learn to distinguish colors in pleasant surroundings. Being so bright walls so you can choose to buy all the furniture in a white shade as eligible for the polychrome as in the image.

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