Technical furniture: crackle or cracked

Throughout of a Thousand Ideas blog, we have seen several ways to decorate furniture, such as lined with wallpaper , making the stencil technique , or even the old technique . Today we bring you another way to decorate furniture, and how to do this is through the technique of cracked or cracked.

It is an ideal way to completely change a furniture appearance, yes, you have to like the look aged and worn, as this technique you get is that the furniture has that appearance.

There are several ways to do this effect, but for now we will see one :

  1. First thoroughly cleaned of dust or any dirt that would have the furniture.
  2. Then paint the furniture with a coat of synthetic enamel paint and let dry.
  3. Once dry, you had a fine grit so that the second layer of synthetic enamel that we have to adhere better.
  4. We give the second hand and still completely dry, we apply a coat of water-based acrylic paint.
  5. With this hand, what we get is to dry before the last coat of synthetic enamel and cause crazing of the paint.
  6. The synthetic enamel and acrylic paint, must be of a different color, it is necessary for them to notice the cracks.
  7. Allow to dry completely and ready, we have a cabinet with crackle effect or cracked. Easy right?
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