Stairs colors

Many people forget when they think in terms of decorative and after all they are still a more important part of any house that has stairs. Moreover, it becomes a rather important it is that we always take the bedrooms or down to the kitchen, living room or garden. So we should not ever forget your decor. Usually they be of stone or wood, but also can be decorated very modern and original.

We can do it in different ways and with different styles taking into account steps, handrails, and even the walls. We can decorate all or only one. The results can be very beautiful but not everyone is prepared to carry out a renovation like this at home. Let’s look more in detail some proposals.

This design is very colorful, very hippie and quite modern. Not suitable for all audiences, not all home-you love it or hate it, but it is a very original idea that was designed for decoration show in New York. As they have done? It is very expensive? We can do something similar at home? YES! This fact only adesivas colored ribbons, so we can do it at home and experiment with the design you want. You urge to prove with your stairs?

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