Special place for your pet

Because we do not have much room in our house or our apartment, we can give our pets a place to be comfortable, play and have fun without becoming our home in a mess. And this idea that I found on the web today I found it great to share with you all. Argentina is a young, yet he lives in a small apartment has been able to give your pet everything you need.

The idea is of his own and has used simple materials to design your little kitten to a playground.

A design style “duplex”, ie two-story, where one has room to sleep, and on the other floor has a container with stones for your needs. Also, instead of buying the typical feeders for pets , has complado a melamine bowls with matching colors and designs chosen.

Another of the beautiful details of his own, has been carried out in a hammock cloth and reeds for small cat can play. Do not believe it’s a wonderful idea and inspiring?? Seize the inspirations and we design a special corner for your pet!

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