Solid wood in the bedroom decor

It is known to choose solid wood furniture in the bedroom decor gives elegance to the rooms and, especially, provides a warm and welcoming environments. Among the possible variations we can see that there are multiple, such as oak, walnut, beech or wenge, although it should be noted that each has its pros and cons.

While providing quality solid wood furniture, is also an option a little more expensive than others. This is because they come directly from the trunk of the tree, this means that they are natural parts, without any treatment.

Usually this material is identified with classic furniture. One option is always chosen for their convenience are the wooden furniture in natural lacquered.

Some solid wood furniture with various designs that can be found in the bedrooms can be:

  • Classical bed, a detail that is awarded distinguished by their curved shapes.
  • Comfortable and tables in a cylindrical shape.
  • Indoor and outdoor wood that is typically used most often is teak. And a nice idea to consider in relation to the original teak headboard can be a hemolytic aspect, which integrates the tables.
  • Other material is being used a lot is wenge, wood is very dark.
  • For a room with a romantic, they can go very exotic woods.
  • Within an oriental design, beech wood would great.
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