Soil-based mosaic tiles decor

The mosaic floors decor concept are a classic from Roman times. In their villages, the pavements were of small tiles, resulting in magnificent ceramic floors full of creativity and charm.

The firm Appiani currently has a number of ceramic-based tiles, Roman style but completely updated for modern tastes. His name is Textures, and is available in a lot of reasons.

These soils are a perfect blend of architecture, design and art. The glazed ceramic is perfect for bath decor, but also large lounges where you can appreciate its magnificence. One of the trends in decorating for 2010 more interesting.

Japanese motifs like Kanju soil, large floral patterns in Peony Pink or collections, such as abstract representations of pavements Orione, or inspired by nature and Cactus.  All this and much more you can find in your collection.

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