Small bedroom decor

Decorating a small bedroom is often a very difficult task, but there are some resources that can make you look good, and Maas important that we do not feel bad in a small space. We show you some ideas.

In this bedroom is given a cottage look. It was furnished only with a wooden bed of the century, the walls and ceiling are covered with pine boards, placed horizontally and painted white lacquer to give the illusion of more spaciousness and light. To gain more space yet, the window opens outward, and was made horizontally elongated rectangular shape, to give a panoramic view of the landscape, expanding space. For light near the bed during night hours, place a metal lamp on the side.

To create a sense of comfort and intimacy, the walls were painted greenish brown to a certain height. A large mirror expands the space, reflecting the light and the vibrant red color of the pillows. The quilt satin gives plenty of light. At the head is placed an ancient fabric which hung mirrors and different antique pieces.

In this room what it has done is put a curtain to cover the cabinet, which gives a greater sense of space, as this does not give the feeling of “coming up”.

The walls in a vibrant blue to help the space appear larger.

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