Sliding doors for home decor

Put sliding doors in your home decor can be a great success, plus a touch of originality will win a few meters very valuable if you have a small apartment because they avoid occupy, at least 90 º that needs a normal door to open.

There are two types of sliding doors, which have an outer guide and those that are embedded in the wall.

The former has the advantage that they can move through a guide placed at the top and do not need to register works while the second door and its guides are inserted into a gap between two walls being invisible when open, cattle space adjacent to the door to place furniture or whatever you want.

Within these types of doors opening, several designs. We can find systems of a door or two, parallel in both doors out of the same hole but covers only half way and the other the rest, or adjoining doors that open to opposite sides.

The choice of one type or another depends on the room in which we will place and the space available to each.

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