Shelves with folding shelves design ideas for decoration

Now and again we bring a deeply developed, which adapts to the problem with society that lives day by day, have little room in the house to carry out daily activities.

So the decoration leads to more of a headache than another, not to occupy too much space, do not take furniture that disturb the transits, do not put too much overhead and ensure that there is bad light by the arrangement of the furniture.

When we think in an ideal location for storage and decoration, one of the best rated ideas would be to a bookshelf or library. The problem is that both shelves like bookstores, small houses, tend, as a rule, to be a great hindrance to daily life. So here we bring you this fantastic piece of furniture with shelves that this problem will disappear completely.

The idea is that when we want to use the shelves to put things on them, stay low, it will then occupy some space, but if at some point we have nothing that we can set upload and fold against the wall next to it will occupy a few centimeters.

With this great idea we will solve this problem space.

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