Screens and room dividers

As at this time we live in houses abound loft or studies that are completely open space. When this type of decorating floors sooner or later we will have to consider the possibility of having to separate the different environments in some way. Today we are going to develop the theme of the screens and the potential to separate areas with other design dividers.

These items are inexpensive, handy and functional, you can easily move and try to separate the stay as comfortable as possible.
Also the screens are used to add an air of intimacy even giving a romantic air to the room with this magical candy.

Another advantage offered by the screens do not obstruct the passage in full light, making a nice play of shadows when placed correctly. This will achieve a better use of lighting in the house without turning off the light intensity of this. The range of the market is huge screens, in addition to that with a little skill you can make one yourself. So do not hesitate and if you have a small house screens and dividers are the best design solution.

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